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Huanuosword Flying Dragon Sword (Rosewood Scabbard) photographic and specification review

by Lancelot Chan



It was a very light and fast Chinese Jian. The first impression upon handling it was that it seemed to be made for ladies. The slender sword was beautiful yet deadly quick. It had inherited the thickness of Chinese Jian that the stiff blade was good for thrusting. The handle was smooth without anything sharp hurting the hand. The artistic scabbard and gold plated fittings were featuring the detailed carving of clouds and dragons. The blade was forge folded with Jia Gang construction. The edge geometry featured flat edges but the edges were not extremely sharp. Slicing did not work very well while cutting was better. The hardness of the blade was between 50 and 55 HRC.


The lines on the blade showed its construction method.


The carvings on the gold plated fittings.


The carving on both the wooden and metal parts of the scabbard.


The specification of the sword:


Overall length: 37"

Blade length: 29"

Blade base thickness: 6mm

Blade base width: 1.1875"

Tip thickness: 4.5mm

Tip width: 0.9"

Weight: 1 lb 15 oz

Balance: 5.75" down the grip

Hardness: 50 to 55 HRC


Test cutting video (1.05mb mpg)


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