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Announcement: We currently do not have any regional distributor. Every Realistic Sparring Weapon bears the logo below as identification.

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Official activity organiser (Chinese only) : 龍德體育學會



28th Octoboer 2021

We have developed a new product: Safe sparring sticks, in two models. One is more flexible and the other is stiffer at the portion close to the handle.



12th May 2018

There's a copycat in mainland using our brand name to sell their inferior products. These are the screen captures of the confrontation of the copycat viewable if you click the picture below.




7th March 2018

There were people who raised concern that the RSW would have more air resistance than a sharp sword. Thus I conducted two tests to pit the sharp DS and No Remorse against their RSW version and compared the cutting speed.





26th February 2018

Lancelot Chan was interviewed by Historical Chinese Combat Arts in Podcast.



11th August 2017

The interview footage of Lancelot Chan about German longsword by MIHK has been aired.





23rd May 2017

There were people who think that using RSW to spar cannot do the same line control as the steel sword, since any impact feels different. I did a test side by side, with RSW katana and RSW longsword, as well as a hanwei katana and a windlass 15th century longsword.

I used the katana tip to hit the other sword, with single hand, since my other hand was holding the cam.

On the side to edge impact, it shows that it was exactly behaving the same. On the edge to edge impact, I screwed up the steel part since the windlass 15th century longsword has side rings. The katana's strikes get distracted by the side rings. Still one can see that the result is pretty close despite of that.

Thus using RSW to practice swordsmanship not only allow ones to Fa Ging in the strike but can simulate very well how a steel sword would do in safety.





29th December 2016

A newly finished custom made Trident.





18th September 2016

The two custom made Master grade 6.0 Bagua Dao we have just finished.




23rd February 2016

The Outstanding Blades magazine stole our photos to promote nylon weapons sparring. We would like to announce that all the sparring weapons presented in our photos were Realistic Sparring Weapons.



29th July 2015


Our interview on TVB << Today's VIP >>


23rd July 2015

RSW Basic Grade Stiffness test (against European steel blunt and RSW Master grade)

RSW Basic grade was designed for the practitioners who have yet to master swordsmanship. It is more durable and safe than the master grade with higher flexibility.




11th June 2015

We were interviewed by Commercial Radio 903 Holytricky. For those who can understand Cantonese. you may listen to the interview here.




30th May 2015

We were also featured in South China Morning Post:

Hong Kong sword trainer Lancelot Chan brings 'Game of Thrones'-esque action to life



29th May 2015

We were featured in the latest Young Post article:

One-on-one with Lancelot Chan, Hong Kong's weapon designer and combat instructor


22nd May 2015

Master Grade 5.0 Custom made long hilt Katana, standard Katana, custom made Kogarasumaru, custom made Chinese Jian, custom made Chinese Dao.


Master grade 5.0 has specially reinforced fabric surface to prevent puncture. Customers may request for this specification for their orders.





16th March 2015

We have developed a new product "Simple Spear", which features a flexible shaft and a spearhead that has airbag to dampen thrusting impact.

Detachable spearhead is available also.


Shown below is a video we practiced freestyle fencing with the simple spear.




6th January 2015

Shown below was the first Master grade 4.0 RSW, a custom made Chinese 2 handed longsword.



Master grade 4.0 employs a high impact and cold weather resisting material as the core, improving the durability from impacts for two times or above, especially under cold temperature.


As the new core material's cost is higher, and the costs of other materials have increased, we will adjust our price after lunar new year. However, in order to reward the support from our previous customers, they will be entertained with the current price for the whole 2015.



28th November 2014

Shown below was the custom RSW that modeled after Hanwei Scottish basket hilt sword.



Ancient Combat Association 4th members tourney


Freestyle fencing with Johannes Pelzer



15th July 2014

Added custom made master grade 2.0 Longship Armoury Silvia, Cold Steel Dadao, Longship Armoury Verrimus, Cold Steel Grosse Messer to the photo album.




19th June 2014

Added a custom made master grade 2.0 Polish saber to the photo album.




27th May 2014

Added a custom made master grade 2.0 thin blade Gladius to the photo album.




9th Feb 2014

Master grade 2.0 Custom made Bagua Jian, with the balance tuned closer to the guard.

The blade is wrapped in transparent plastic so no lubrication is needed for bind and wind. The grip's cross section is improved for better comfort. The 2 reinforcement aluminum bars run through the guard to the pommel, providing better resistance to core breakage.




5th August 2013

Added a Chinese event report of the first member tourney in the official blog. The videos of the event can be viewed here:




Added the custom made master grade thin blade (expert grade style) Gladius to the photo album.





29th July 2013

Added the custom made grosse messer to the photo album.




25th July 2013

We have completed the 2 Master Grade RSW with safety tips made for Longship Armoury. One is simulating Steerboard and the other Verrimus.



15th July 2013

After having sparred intensively with Master Grade RSW for several hundreds rounds, we are very satisfied by the durability and safety they achieved. In order to make it the best of the bests, we will be implementing the flexible tip on every Master Grade RSW by default to further improve its durability and safety!


The following video play-list showed the Master Grade Deva Slayer 2.0 in intensive freestyle fencing action since it's birth. There had been 224 rounds so far. There was no repair done to the sword except taping one spot.

When new:

After 224 rounds of intensive sparring:

Videos play-list:



10th July 2013

Added the custom made meat cleavers to the photo album.




8th June 2013

Added the custom made Deva Slayer 2.0 to the photo album.



24th May 2013

Added the custom made Chinese Dadao to the photo album.



13th March 2013

Added custom made master grade viking axe, master grade chained twin sickles and an European single handed sword, made for Singapore customers to the photo album.



6th March 2013

The second European Longsword Swordsmanship trial class: 5th March, 2013

Added a custom made smallsword and dagger to the photo album.



15th January 2013

Added a report of the Ancient Combat Association, the 7th private tournament at the official blog (Chinese only).



19th October 2012

Master grade products:
We have tested a new padding material extensively for months and finally ready to announce it. The new padding provides a much longer endurance for shock absorption ability than the original padding we use, diminishing the need for re-padding. It is especially important for overseas customers where it is inconvenient to send the RSW back to us for re-padding.


The new padding is heavier in weight, though, so it is not suitable for every model we make. If you are interested in purchasing Master grade products, just shoot us an email.



3rd October 2012

Lancelot Chan was mentioned in the following article, which was based on a real life visit made by the writer of Mongoliad, Cooper Moo in 2007:


Sword Fight on a Hong Kong Rooftop

How Neal Stephenson and I stopped bashing each other with sticks and learned real swordsmanship. 


20th August 2012

Added a report of the Ancient Combat Association, the 6th private tournament at the official blog (Chinese only).



18th July 2012

Added photos of a custom made two handed Chinese war Jian, weighting 3lbs 6oz.



16th July 2012

Added photos of a custom made two handed Chinese war Jian, weighting 4lbs 13oz.




28th June 2012

Added a report of the Ancient Combat Association, the 5th private tournament at our activities



Added a photo of a custom made Russian Shasqua in the album. The hilt was made longer to accommodate a hand wearing sparring glove. 



11th May 2012

Some photos of Hanwei Russia Shasqua, a pair of steel gauntlets and Hanwei Bamboo Mat katana, which were ordered on behave of our customers.



22th February 2012

Ancient Combat Association has held the 4th private tourney. Click the image below for the details.




16th February 2012

Shown below was a custom made cup-hilt cut and thrust sword, as one of the gifts for our dear customer who had endured a series of unfortunate events.




17th January 2012

Ancient Combat Association has held the 3rd private tourney. Click the image below for the details.




1st January 2012

Happy new year! We have added a new product Chinese Miao Dao.




Click here for older news.


Current items pending completion: 3 pcs to local / 2 pcs to USA / 2 pcs to local / 1 pc to China



Have you ever consider the possibility of fighting like the warriors in the past, where you battle your friends with the historical weapons, as if you were fighting for your life? There would be no rules restricting where and how fast you can hit. You'll do whatever you can to stay alive. This is made possible for the first time by Realistic Sparring Weapons!


If you want to join the action and feel the thrill, head to Activities.


Selected Testimonials

Absolutely loving the new japanese swords, Lancelot! Your craftsmanship is excellent-- and the realistic quality of your swords for sparring and martial arts practice is in my opinion unmatched. I just hope we have no problems with the local law enforcement because they look kinda real from a distance! HAHA.... Be well!

- Jason Berger on 4-8-2012

Lance, the sabres custom made to model after Hanwei Beile Dao with modification arrived today. I'm very impressed with them. These looks a lot more professional and better made than the standard Dao I last ordered. They feel light to hold but when you move them they feel more very substantial like a real sabre. Perfectly balanced and the handle is comfortable. Stabbing techniques were improved with the straight profile blade. Well done and thank you.


- Cuong Sam of Three Peaks Wudang Taijiquan on 28-5-2012


Grant and I have been playing with those Germans swords you've made for us, and I have to say that I am really pleased with their performance. We also slicked them up with baby oil as you suggested, and it worked great! A little too well, to be honest; I have picked up bad habits from the way my regular wooden swords grab each other. It was nice to be able to fight with an SLO (Sword Like Object) that has something like real balance. Well done.


-Jay Noyes of Avalon on 7-9-2004

Everyone is thrilled with the swords. Last night really opened up their eyes to what's like to really fight. Big smiles and laughter all around. You could easily notice the shift in style after each fighter got hit - no pain, no restricted targets? Amazing!

-Anthony Boyd of Haidong Gumdo on 14-10-2004


  Realistic Sparring Weapons Steel Weapons Bokken / Wasters / Wooden Weapons Fencing Gears / Aluminum Weapons Shinai (Kendo Bamboo sword) Chanbara / Air-soft Weapons
Safety Equipment

Helmet with face mask and padded gloves are required

A set of armor is required***

 A set of armor is required***

A set of armor is required***

A set of armor is required***

Helmet with face mask is required

Real Weapon Shape    
Real Weapon Size    
Real Weapon Weight        
Real Weapon Balance        
Full Speed
Full Body Targeting Safety
Historically Accurate Techniques**  
Endurance > 100 duels*      
Blade with Discernible Edge(s) and Flat    
Non-Cylindrical Grip    

* Measured under the circumstance where only helmets with face mask were worn, sparring with full speed.

** Includes but not limited to parry, block, slide, bind and wind.

*** Armor for steel weapons sparring is the most expensive that can cost several thousands US dollars. Armor for waster, aluminum weapon and Shinai sparring cost less. However, with the armor worn, unarmored combat cannot be simulated accurately.



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