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11th December 2011

Our Battojutsu customers in Germany demonstrated sparring with RSW .




21st November 2011

Ancient Combat Association has held the 2nd private tourney. Click the image below for the details.




24th October 2011

Ancient Combat Association has held the 1st private tourney. Click the image below for the details.




17th October 2011

Shown below was a triple padded European Two-hander with flexible tip to increase safety as well as durability, which has now become the standard option for the model.




10th October 2011

Shown below was a custom made odachi and a custom made katana.




8th June 2011

Shown below was a custom made Dadao for Howard.




7th June 2011

Shown below was a custom made katar with rapier / cut and thrust blade for Rick Cox.




28th April 2011

Added a new activity Taiwan RSW organizer Exiel's visit.




Added a new video of cutting pork arm with Chinese swordsmanship.



27th April 2011

Added a new activity Test cut at Toyama Ryu Dojo.




10th March 2011

Added Philippines distributor to the Regional distributors list.



18th February 2011

Our Singapore distributor conducted a public sparring demo.




10th February 2011

Our Taipei customers made an impressive promotional video for their activities.




28th August 2010

Added a new activity : The visit of Mankit Li from USA.




2nd August 2010

Added photos of the naval cutlass RSW .




28th July 2010

Realistic Sparring Weapons was featured on RTHK programme Gimme5.




21th July 2010

Added photos of the cup-hilt saber RSW .



7th July 2010

Added photos of the Bagua Dao RSW .



14th June 2010
Realistic Sparring Weapons's part in RTHK program "Kung Fu Legend".



7th June 2010

Realistic Sparring Weapons was featured on Commercial Radio Hong Kong.




14th April 2010

Realistic Sparring Weapons was featured on a local television program of TVB.



27th December 2009

Swordnet Republic and Realistic Sparring Weapons had held an event "Realistic Sparring Weapons sparring day".





8th November 2009

Attention: Pawel Szyld


Thanks for your email and interest. I don't seem to be able to get my email through, though. Do you have another email account that I can send the price quote to?

We have accepted Euro before but the floating conversion rate had made us suffered a significant loss, so we've stuck to USD as our payment currency.

The item price for the order will be 443.88 USD. We can deliver around the end of December. Shipping charge for airmail to Germany will be 99.54 USD. Thus total will be 543.42 USD.

Please don't hesitate to email me again if you have any questions.


5th November 2009

Added photos of the 4th Deva Slayer RSW .



22nd June 2009

Swordfest 2009 and Ishi Yama Ryu demonstrated sparring with RSW .






10th June 2009

Our Singapore distributor has some exposure on magazine. Click on the picture to view full size.



16th May 2009

Added photos of a custom made two handed Chinese war Jian.




13th May 2009

Attn: Brent Dudgeon

We were unable to reply to your enquiry due to your email address being unreachable. Your order will be 214.6 USD. Our paypal account is lancelotc@pacific.net.hk

We would like to contact you and please send us an email with a reachable email address. Thanks. 



Added photos of a pair of custom made butterfly swords.




1st May 2009

After our production crew's continuous research, testing and improve the construction method, Realistic Sparring Weapons' durability has been further increased, including the following aspects:

  • Decreased Katana's breakage probability

  • Capable of building a curved sword over 45 inches long

  • All tips' durability increase

  • Decreased the large and heavy swords' breakage probability

We would like to thank our customers who participated in the research and development: Mr. Jaam Yan Yau and Mr. Sai Lung Lee. We also want to express our appreciation to our customers for their continuous support. Otherwise we would not have the opportunities to undergo such improvements.


24th April 2009

Added a new activity: Jack and Jean-Luc;s gathering.




21st April 2009

Our Singapore distributor has come over to Hong Kong and sparred with Lancelot.





17th February 2009

Our Singapore distributor held a national demonstration on late January.




29th December 2008

Added new photo of Lancelot's Deva Slayer to the photo album.



Added an activity:

Swordnet Republic and Realistic Sparring Weapons joint function: The 3rd Swordnet Republic sparring competition



25th November 2008

Added an activity:

Swordnet Republic and Realistic Sparring Weapons joint function: Free trial and test run of the 3rd Swordnet Republic sparring competition



24th October 2008

Russia-based new weaponry sparring sports Wespar was demonstrating with Realistic Sparring Weapons.





21st October 2008

Added new photos of a custom made two handed axe to the photo album.




2nd October 2008

Added an activity: Unicorn, Swordnet Republic and Realistic Sparring Weapons joint function: Free trial and techniques sharing day.




1st October 2008

Added new photos of a custom made Indian katar to the photo album.




16th September 2008

Added new photos of a custom made twin blades sword to the photo album.




7th September 2008

Added sparring video of Ishiyama Ryu Battojutsu.



2nd August 2008

Added sparring video of Ishiyama Ryu Battojutsu.






24th May 2008

Added European Cup-hilted Rapier.




24th April 2008

Added sparring video of Ishiyama Ryu Battojutsu.





1st March 2008

We were invited by Dharma Buddhism Association to perform a demonstration on German longsword swordsmanship. It was probably the first demonstration narrated in Chinese / Cantonese about this subject in the world. 2 new videos of the event were added in video gallery.




30th September 2007

Added a highlight video of the 5 master cuts from German Longsword system applied in full contact Freestyle fencing.



18th July 2007

Our friend Cooper Moo from Seattle paid us a visit and had fun. Details here.




28th June 2007

Practical Taichi has put up a podcast with Lancelot. You may download it here.


27th May 2007

Lancelot has put up photos of his 3 longswords.



24th May 2007

The photos album had been updated with custom made Realistic Sparring Weapons for German customers.



16th April 2007

As a response to some swordsmanship practitioners who concentrate on delivering hard blows in sparring, here we made a video to investigate how hard one has to hit in order to inflict effective damage in unarmored combat and the difficulty in crashing through opponent's defense with hard blows.




12th April 2007

Lancelot reviewed 5 new swords, including one from Tinker, three from Windlass Steelcraft and one from Paul Chen Hanwei.



7th February 2007

Belated happy new year! In 2007 there will be a film dedicated to the historical swordsmanship and the swords of both the east and the west. Its was produced seriously with the top people in the sword circle interviewed. We recommend it to everyone!  




23rd November 2006

Added 4 new products: Chinese Pudao, Chinese Deer Horn, Chinese Tiger Hook and Chinese 3 Sectional Staff.



27th October 2006

Added new photos of Lancelot's new expert grade custom RSW longsword with side rings and a new, improved mechanism in fixing the guard.



21st October 2006

Australian Paul Southren's Sword Buyers Guide Online Magazine featured our interview in October 2006 edition.


15th October 2006

Added a new sparring video.



14th October 2006

Added a new product Chinese Qing Dao.



9th October 2006

Added 2 new sparring videos with the rare partially armored fights.



2nd October 2006

Added 5 new sparring videos with the rare spear vs spear fights.



24th September 2006

Added 2 new sparring videos with Hung Gar weapons vs European longsword.



20th September 2006

Due to an uncontrollable price increase in certain material, we regretfully to inform that we are left without choice but to raise our price accordingly. The slim profit margin of our handmade products could not cover the change in the cost. The new price will be brought into practice next month. For those customers who would like to purchase our product with the current price, this is a good time. We are trying hard to locate alternative sources. We promise that in the future if the material price dropped, we will adjust our price to reflect that. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. 


2nd September 2006

Added a new line of Realistic Sparring Weapons that looked better, handled better and still cost the same for the hardcore martial artists, the Expert Grade.



Added heater shield style to Wooden Shield.




29th August 2006

Added 1 new test cutting video with a lady behind the sword.



30th July 2006

Added 2 new sparring videos with the dominating basket hilt sword in action. 



17th July 2006

We imported some new middle sized hockey helmets from overseas. They can be adjusted to fit large and small sizes barely. They came in white and black. The characteristics for these helmets are that they are lightweight with a face mask that does not prohibit breathing. The protection is all aspect, covering top, left, right, front, back and below. We only have 4 in stock at this moment, selling at 500 HKD each. This does not come around often so please make your order before the stock run out.


15th July 2006

Added an activity report:

The first Arms Culture Association sparring competition



29th June 2006

Added a new RSW Review by the famous swordmaker Angus Trim:


Personally, I think you did a pretty good job on these trainers. I handled Patrick's AT1211, and the trainer you made from the same specs, and they balance pretty closely considering one is steel and the other is a padded trainer. I think your padded trainers are the best on the market.


27th June 2006

Added a new RSW Review.


26th June 2006

We were mentioned in a report of Atlanta Blade Show 2006.


"Next to Gus was Patrick Jones, who was selling RSW's (Realistic Sparring Weapons). These training swords have a metal-reinforced plastic core, a foam layer to absorb the shock, and a fabric layer to hold it all together. One of them handled very similar to Gus's AT1211, and I believe was actually based off of it. I know a few people who use them for sparring and like them but I had never handled them before."


19th June 2006

Added a sparring videos with German Sigmund Ringeck's style in the video gallery.



13th June 2006

Updated the video gallery with a couple new test cutting videos.



7th June 2006

Updated the design of carrying bag so that it is lighter and handier than the 3rd version. With 9 improvements including but not limiting to double straps, double zippers and side opening, it is more suitable for carrying real swords and airsoft guns.



Added 2 sparring videos with German Sigmund Ringeck's style in the video gallery.



16th May 2006

Added photos of an axe and 2 custom made swords in photo album.




9th May 2006

Added a new link of interest:



6th April 2006

Added Lancelot's review of Angus Trim 1561 longsword.



14th March 2006

Added 3 photos of a custom-made double staff in the photo album.



13th March 2006

Added 5 sparring videos in the video gallery.



28th February 2006

Added 3 photos of a custom-made Chinese Dao in the photo album.



Added 2 sparring videos to the video gallery.



24th February 2006

Added another Cable TV interview of our activity to the video gallery.



17th February 2006

Added Huanuosword Flying Dragon Sword (Rosewood Scabbard) photographic and specification review.



10th February 2006

Accomplishment announcement: Au Yeung Sung Lap has successfully become the fourth one who passed the test of Introductory Swordsmanship Course.



30th January 2006

Added Huanuosword's Tachi (silver fittings) photographic review.



13th January 2006

Added a new product: European Rapier.



9th January 2006

Added a new video: The damaging power of certain sparring moves.






22nd December 2005

Added a new product - English Two Hander.



Added the double padding option for the Realstic Sparring Weapons that exceeds 4 lbs in weight, which includes German Bastard Sword and Scottish Claymore.



27th Novermber 2005

Added 1 consignment sword.



13th November 2005

Tom sparred for the last time in 2005 with us and the videos are up here.



4th November 2005

Accomplishment announcement: Siu Yuen Ming has successfully become the third one who passed the test of Introductory Swordsmanship Course.



31st October 2005

Accomplishment announcement: Lee Sai Lung has successfully become the second one who passed the test of Introductory Swordsmanship Course.



Added 4 sparring videos in video gallery.



27th October 2005

Lancelot added a sword review: Huanuosword Royal Peony Sword (Gold-plated)



23rd October 2005

Added a new activity: Tom Biliter's visit from USA.



Added 2 sparring videos in video gallery.




30th September 2005

Added a new video of the sparring practice conducted in the Introductory Swordsmanship Course to the Video Gallery.



27th September 2005

Lancelot had written a real sword review for a Tinker XVII bastard sword.



Added a RSW review by J.B. Angiulo.


24th September 2005

Added a RSW review by William Grandy, a western swordsmanship teacher.


Added a monthly plan with more affordable pricing for Introductory Swordsmanship Course.  


30th July 2005

Added 2 Katana for consignment.



31st August 2005

Added a new activity: Leo's visit from Taiwan.



14th August 2005

Our customer Alexander K Gee visited from USA and will stay with us for 1 month. His sparring videos will be available for download here.


8th August 2005

Added the test cutting video of Howard's sword Lady Carmen.



3rd August 2005

Lancelot added a review for his Taiwanese customer Calvin's Tinker bastard sword.



30th July 2005

Added a new product: Real sword - Chinese Dragon Two Handed Jian.



22nd July 2005

Accomplishment announcement: Ho Ka Lun has successfully become the first one who passed the test of Introductory Swordsmanship Course.



The Sun Flower Classic Katana is going to be sent back to the owner at the end of this month and a final discount is offered here.



19th July 2005

Updated the video gallery with a video of Haidong Gumdo crew: Anthony Boyd, Lorne Oliver and Doug Lusby doing a demo using RSW.



17th July 2005

Today was Parke's final sparring day in Hong Kong before he returns to USA and his video can be seen in this week's gathering.


Added a new activity: Arthur's visit from Taiwan.



26th June 2005

Added a RSW review by PJ.


22nd June 2005

Added 2 swords for consignment.



Added photos of Hungarian Sabres.



7th June 2005

Added 1 sword for consignment.



29th May 2005

Added 7 swords for consignment.



23rd May 2005

Lancelot wrote a review for Martial Art Swords' Sun Flower Classic Katana.



He also updated his review on Brescia Spadona.



18th May 2005

Lancelot wrote a review for his friend's newly purchased Angus Trim Lady Carmen.



1st May 2005

Our free public test play event on 30th April 2005 went very well and the videos of the day can be found here.



27th April 2005

Added a user review on our new bag.



24th April 2005

Rooftop group battles are presented in this week's gathering video.


21st April 2005

Announcement: We have our first exclusive distributor in Singapore:


Akushon Studios

Jack Chen Jiayi

+65 9786 9083




16th April 2005

Added The visit of Jay Noyes from Japan and Dominic from Australia in activities.



In addition, Lancelot had added a damage report on his Brescia review.



24th March 2005

Lancelot performed the last test with the new sword: Pork arm test cutting.



23rd March 2005

We have received the new and improved bags! Check for the details here.



Added a new product: Korean Do.



Added an unofficial test cut review for Lancelot's new sword.



15th March 2005

Added a review by Alexander K Gee.


Lancelot wrote a review for his new sword.



14th March 2005

Added visiting an exhibition of Chinese made swords in Activities.



12th March 2005

Added a link for a website with detailed Indian martial arts information -

Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya.


6th March 2005

There are 3 very classic and exciting videos in this week's gathering. First, the long absent Howard is back. Secondly, Simon tried his custom large Dao vs Lancelot and Rock's Zulu War Spear. Thirdly, Lancelot had a rematch against Zulu War Spear, using appropriate tactics this time.





1rd March 2005

Added an overview of the Western martial arts books by Parke in Weaponry Knowledge.


Due to the popularity of the longer weapons and the demand of the package sturdiness have been increasing, we have purchased 100 cardboard boxes with 3 layers construction that reach the upper limit of postal limitation. As a result, each box can now house 12 Katana or 7 European Longswords


Although the weight of the box is 2.1 kg / 4lbs 10 oz, we can reduce the box's length within sturdiness margin for the orders of shorter weapons upon customer's request, in order to reduce the shipping cost.


Also, here is a photo of our new workshop. The area beneath of the working table was filled by those new boxes (and the sleeping room too *sobbing* ).


22nd February 2005

6 affordable steel Katana are in consignment. All in stock and comes with a box.



20th February 2005

Added a link in Links of Interest to a shop that sells Korean smiths' swords. 


15th February 2005

Added a new test cutting video recorded at our new location.



8th February 2005

We have updated the photo album with the photos of a middle-end real Katana made by Fred Chen, an internationally famous sword smith.



7th February 2005

Updated the video gallery with 3 new sparring videos, including Zulu War Spear in action, kicking everybody's ass. The other videos of the event can be found here.



We have successfully improved 2 issues that were mentioned by customers. The first one is that our sword guard is now reinforced and will not loosen with time. Please note the little piece that locks the guard in place in the picture below.

The second one is that the guard's material has been improved and will not bend even when receiving strikes directly. We have abandoned all the old stock and replaced them with higher grade material.

3rd February 2005

Updated the photo album with a custom-made Chinese Dao for Simon.




30th January 2005

The Zulu War Spear user has participated in today's gathering. The videos of the event can be found here.


26th January 2005

Although there are no new videos on the website for a while, there are actually videos made from each week's gathering for the participants to review. You may find it here. These videos are not always subtitled so you have to rely on your keen observation to determine the result. The videos will be updated weekly on Monday.



25th January 2005

The move has literally killed both of Lancelot's computer. That was why the website was down for 2 days. Now a new computer has been purchased and the website is running. Due to the installation of various hardware and software, please expect the website to be unstable for a week.


18th January 2005

Note of improvement: Learning from our customers' feedback, we have successfully improved the guard on our products. From the beginning of this year, all the guard on our products will be installed with a new method. The material has also been changed to a virtually unbendable metal. In order to reward the patience of the customers who have ordered our products during our move, we will implement these improvements on their order without any extra charge.


In the future, due to the increased cost of the labor and material involved in implementing the improvements, the product price will be adjusted accordingly.


12th January 2005

Added a new product - Zulu War Spear.



10th January 2005

All our computers are functioning now and production can proceed.


Added a Chinese review written by an entry level student of Toyama Ryu Battodo.


We experimented with wireless camera for the first time and made a footage of Realistic Sparring Weapons combat in first person aspect. The video can be found in Video Gallery.



7th January 2005

Happy new year!


Updated Video Gallery with 2 more videos of RSW in action from Korea Haidong Gumdo.



Updated contact information with our new address.


Status update: The move is virtually completed and the internet connection is restored. However, the computer that holds the records of order is malfunction though and is currently sent to be fixed. All data is intact and hopefully the computer will be returning within the weekend. Then we will start production. Thanks for the waiting!


24th December 2004

Added a user review from Canada.


20th December 2004

Added a user review from Hong Kong.


19th December 2004

Added a user review from Spain.



Note: As our new location does not have the same broadband connection as we currently have, the website will be temporarily moved to a friend's apartment to ensure the connection speed would not be significantly affected. Email communication will be made less frequent than before until we can find a solution for the broadband connection at the new location.


14th December 2004

Special offer: Recently a friend has purchased a batch of affordable steel Katana that are accurate in the handling characteristic, suitable for solo drills and test cutting. The Kogarasu-Maru in Enzo's test cutting video was one of them. These swords are the best entry swords for those who wanted to practice with real swords, yet having limited financial ability. You may click on the following picture for more information:



11th December 2004

Added a new test cutting video in the video gallery.



6th December 2004

Added a new sparring video in the video gallery.



2nd December 2004

Added a new product, the official sparring sword for Taiwan Wutan Swordsmanship Competition 2004 - Chinese Jian Wutan version.



Updated the activities with the return of John and Robyn.



25th November 2004

Updated the Photo Album.



24th November 2004

Updated video gallery with 2 videos from Korea Haidong Gumdo.



21st November 2004

Updated Simon's page with his collection.



17th November 2004

Updated the Photo Album.


We now offer a new way to pad the guard with rubber that do not require any tape to cover it with the low cost of 20HKD / 2.64 USD. It is more attractive in terms of appearance and more durable than our former foam padding option. The foam padding option will remain free. You can see the difference below:


The rubber padding:



The foam padding:



14th November 2004

Updated the Photo Album.



13th November 2004

We have added the number of items pending completion at the right hand side column to give better information about our order turn around time for the moment.


6th November 2004

Added a new product: Light Sparring Gloves by Revival .


Light Sparring Glove


2nd November 2004

We have a special offer. Due to some miscommunication, a spare Chinese Dao has been made. We are now offering the sword 100 HKD / 13.19 USD less than its listed price, that is 550 HKD / 79 USD including the bag or 450 HKD / 65.33 USD excluding the bag. You may click on the pictures below to view all its pictures.



28th October 2004

We have received more videos from our Korean Haidong Gumdo friend. This time it was Scottish Claymore vs Katana (wielded with Korean sword arts). 3.46mb wmv file, click here to download. (note: The one who got hit by the Claymore in the video did not wear gambeson as suggested, which would have prevented the injury if he did)






26th October 2004

Added books of the related knowledge to some products so that one may learn more about their historical context and the practical skill involved.


Arte Gladiatori Dimicandi: 15th century swordsmanship of master Filippo Vadi The Medieval Art of Swordsmanship: A Facsimile & Translation of the Europe's Oldest Personal Combat Treatise Medieval Sword & Shield: The Combat System of RA MS I.33

SPADA: An Anthology of Swordsmanship in Memory of Ewart Oakeshott Fighting with the German Longsword


Updated the links also.


25th October 2004

Our Haidong Gumdo friend in Korea sent in a video tape of his sparring using Realistic Sparring Weapons. You may download it here (800kb wmv format).


23th October 2004

Our broadband connection had been down for a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. The website is now back online with a major update in many sections after the connection has been restored.


As our returning gift, we have also added 1 new test cutting video and 5 new sparring videos in Video Gallery.



14th October 2004

Added a couple reviews.


9th October 2004

Added a new product - Chinese Spear.



7th October 2004

Added a couple reviews.


2nd October 2004

Updated the activities with "a day with 4 visitors" and "Basic Swordsmanship Course for Beginners". 




Added a customer review.



Added a few customer reviews.



Parke, an Iaido practitioner from USA has arrived Hong Kong and would stay for approximately 6 months. We had dined and sparred last Saturday and Sunday respectively. Those who are interested in sparring with him may contact us. On the other hand, John Magee from USA is going to arrive Hong Kong on 23rd September and we are looking forward to do sparring with him too.



Added a review by Andrew Haas.



A friend Lancelot had made during his Taiwan Trip made him a drawing. It can be viewed here.




Added two new products: Wakizashi and Tanto.




Added a new review.



Added two new real sword test cutting videos to the Video Gallery. They were conducted with Chinese Carp Jian and European Bastard Sword.





Added 4 new photos of Butterfly Swords in photo album.



Added a couple short reviews by Paul Wagner and Tim Merritt.



Added Jason Dudek's visit in Activities. He's the Haidong Gumdo sparring competition champion of Seoul 2004. You may watch his sparring videos in the above section.




Added two reviews.



Added a new sparring video of James fighting two opponents at the same time.



Added a customer test cutting report of Carp Jian.




Added a new link of interest - Swordhut.


Added a new product - Indian Tulwar.




Added a real sword test cutting video to the Video Gallery.




Added a testimonial of Real Sword - Chinese Carp Jian.



Note: Some customers wondered why we do not carry all the models from Fred Chen. Our answer is: We only carry the models we have examined firsthand, approved for historical accuracy in handling characteristic and tested in test cutting to ensure quality. So it will take some time before we can put more models for sale, for we will examine each model and test them before putting it up on the site.



Added a larger version of European Bastard Sword.



Added Photo Album under Knowledge.




Added the review by Anthony Boyd part 2.



Added a new product - Real Sword - Chinese Carp Jian.




Added the review by Anthony Boyd.



Anthony Boyd, a Haidong Gumdo practitioner from Korea, had visited us today and the report of the event can be found here.




Lancelot was invited to write an article for a martial magazine in mainland China to introduce Realistic Sparring Weapons Combat, its goal and its characteristics. It was written in Chinese only and you may download it here.



Added Avalon, an international, multi-lingual group that strives for historical accuracy in Japan to Links of Interest.



Lancelot is back from the sparring trip in Taiwan and has put up a report of the trip.




Lancelot will be traveling to Taiwan for 2 weeks to spar with customers and friends over there. The update of the website will be postponed in the period. The regular gathering will be hosted by Max.


We will make an important announcement on July. So stay tuned.



Updated the carrying bag.


Added the TV show video in the gallery.


Added 6 sparring videos in the gallery.



Added the additional footage of the interview in activities.


Added 5 videos in the gallery, some with the shield in action for the first time.



We are going to be on TV! Winnie the reporter interviewed us on 6-6-2004 and you may check out the report at activities.


Added 6 exciting videos of wet ground combat in video gallery!



Added some videos of "Sparring at Buddha's Holiday" in the activities (which we privately termed as "RSW customers' massacre at Buddha's Holiday").



New videos added in the gallery with the buckler in action!



Added a new product - German Bastard Sword.


Added a new product - Buckler.



Added a testimonial by Alfred Wong in the Review section.


Made a video of the closing actions in Realistic Sparring Weapons Combat. 



A prototype of German Bastard Sword is made.


German Bastard Sword

Overall length: 49 inches

Blade length: 37.25 inches

Weight: 4 lbs 10 oz

Balance: 4.25 inches down the complex guard


We will replace the Scottish Claymore with a model that is safe for non-gambeson bouts.



Added a new, exciting sparring video in Video Gallery.



The time for regular gathering is set. The equipment renting details and entry fee are modified. So you may enjoy Realistic Sparring Weapons Combat further more. Please check Activities for the details.



Added a new product: Wooden Circular Shield.



Added Return Policies.


Added a new product: Scottish Claymore.



Added a new product: Chinese Butterfly Swords.




For those who haven't watched our videos before due to the file size, I've made a 1.4mb promotional video and you may get it here. (the claymore in the video is of the prototype model. The production model will be more rigid)



Added a user review by Hungarian Sabre swordsmanship scholar Russ Mitchell.


The prototype claymore has been put to test in a series of sparring. It was also the first time that storyline and background music were added to the sparring videos. Some of the videos can be found in the Video Gallery.



A prototype claymore is made:


The beast is

56 inches overall

40 inches blade

4 lbs 10 oz

balanced at 4.5 inches down the guard

guard span 12 inches wide



Added a new video of sparring between European bastard sword and Chinese Jian.



Added a new video of testing cutting on cow leather and sack wrapped pork arm.


Added a new product Chinese Dao.


Added a new product Hungarian Sabre.


Added option for padded guard and pommel.



Repair service available.


Beginner grade of each model is now available.



Our Japan customer Jay Noyes wrote a review for Realistic Sparring Weapons.



Be the nice host 2 has finished. You may read about the report here.



Added new sparring and test cutting videos.



Added Frequently Asked Questions.



Be a good host has finished and everyone enjoyed the time. 



We made a prototype for Chinese Dao.



Added a new product - European dagger.



New Activity - Be a good host 2.



New Activity - Be a good host.



Added a new product - Chinese Bagua Jian.



Added a bind and wind demo video.  



Added a delivery time for each product.



Two visitors participated in Gauntlet and sparred Lancelot.



Added a new video.

Added a new product - European Single-handed sword.