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Chinese Jian

Price: 953 HKD / 133.42 USD (with flexible tip)

Sold: 143

The Realistic Sparring Weapons version of Chinese Jian is modeled after an antique Jian**. Despite public belief, real antique Jian were often stout and stiff. Unlike the modern Wushu whippy Jian, the antiques Jian put practicality at the first priority and required the user to have substantial forearm strength to master it. The stout and stiff blades would be able to transmit the force of thrusting to the tip and parry enemy attack confidently. The balance of the blades allows them to cut very well that they could sever a limb in a full power cut or cut to the bone with Dian (Point) technique*. So an antique Jian could take on the European Bastard Sword and the Japanese Katana on any day. It's also the lightest sword among the three.

*We have actually tested that and video documented it. Head to Video Gallery if you want to learn more about the test.

**You may acquire the numerical data on some antique Chinese swords here.


Specifications (slight variance occurs due to the nature of handmade)

Overall Length: 37.5"

Blade Length: 29.25"

Weight: 1 lbs 14 oz

Center of gravity: 6.5" down the guard


We'll repair the battle damage of your blade for 415 HKD. If you want the guard renewed also, it would be 415 HKD. The repair service excludes broken core.


Notice the blade is flat and non-cylindrical. It features flats and edges as the real sword does. The hilt is also oval shaped to tell the user where the edges are pointing at.



The hilt components of the Jian.


Chinese Jian - Wutan version



Price: 752 HKD / 105.34 USD

Sold: 26


This is the Chinese Jian custom made for Taiwan Wutan for the swordsmanship competition on 20th December 2004. It emphasizes lightweight and heavy duty. The main modifications include changing the plastic guard into a rubber made one, so that it will not shatter even under heavy direct impact. Moreover, the weight has been reduced to 620 gram. The balance is tuned to 38% of the total length. The pommel has been changed from wooden to plastic to enhance the durability.



The close-up shots of the hilt and the guard.


The guard's size has been modified to allow Wutan style of fingering.


Specifications (slight variance occurs due to the nature of handmade)

Overall Length: 38.625"

Blade Length: 28.75"

Weight: 1 lbs 6 oz

Center of gravity: 5.25" down the guard


Beginner Grade

Overall Length: 37.5"

Blade Length: 29.25"

Price: 450 HKD / 63 USD

Sold: 1


  Real Weapon Shape Real Weapon Size Real Weapon Weight Real Weapon Balance Full Contact Full Body Targeting Safety* Historical Accurate Techniques** Endurance > 100 duels* Blade with Discernible Edge(s) and Flat Non-Cylindrical Grip
master grade
Beginner Grade          

* Measured under the circumstance where only helmets with face mask were worn, sparring with full speed.

** Includes but not limited to parry, block, slide, bind and wind.

For international order, we accept payment through PayPal. Please email for details.


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