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Real Sword - Chinese Dragon Two Handed Jian

Price: Out of production

Sold: 3


In China, two handed Jian emerged during Qin and Han dynasty and then became extremely rare among the later dynasties. Chinese Dragon Two Handed Jian was not made after the early two handed Jian because the blade profile and cross section were different from the period pieces. Its flat diamond cross section made it similar to a lengthened version of a late piece single handed Jian.



As a Chinese Jian, Dragon Two Handed Jian shared the characteristic of having a straight blade that featured very little profile and distal tapering. It meant the width and the thickness of the blade were more or less the same along the blade length. Moreover, the balance of the sword was located at 38% of the total length, which was a very common spot for Chinese swords' balance point.



In addition to the long hilt that gave the user high leverage, the blade was very sharp and relatively thin for the length, making the sword nimble for its size. In fact, one could wield this sword with single hand without many difficulties. Moreover, the sword also made a loud whistle whenever the blade alignment was correct. So it was a good sword to practice cutting with. Unlike its one handed cousin though, due to its length, it had more flexibility when tapped on the pommel. As a result, the Jian is more suitable to cutting than thrusting when compared to Chinese Carp Jian.



The hilt fittings were cylindrical and without any sharp corners, so it would not cut into the wielder's hands. Besides, the pommel was oval shaped in the cross section, hence one can tell the blade alignment even when one was gripping the pommel.


Specifications (slight variance occurs due to the nature of handmade)

Overall Length: 48.25"

Blade Length: 34.25"

Weight: 2 lbs 15 oz

Center of gravity: 4.5" from the guard

Blade thickness: 6.25mm at base, 5mm at tip

Blade width: 1.375" at base

Blade material: 1050 monosteel


*This is a sharp sword and could be lethally dangerous to the user and anybody nearby.


The compare of length between 4 swords, from the right to the left: Chinese Dragon Two Handed Jian, Brescia Spadona, Tinker 2001-104 Bastard Sword, Chinese Carp Jian.


The thickness of the 4 swords, which were not shown in the pictures, are listed below to give a more accurate impression. Despite public belief, the European swords are wider and thinner than the Asian swords:


  Base Thickness Tip Thickness
Chinese Dragon Two Handed Jian 6.25mm 5mm
Brescia Spadona 5mm 2mm
Tinker 2001-104 Bastard Sword 5.25mm 2.5mm
Chinese Carp Jian 6mm 5mm


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