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  •  Swordnet Republic and Realistic Sparring Weapons' joint event "Realistic Sparring Weapons sparring day".

On 27th December 2009, Swordnet Republic and Realistic Sparring Weapons co-organized a joint event "Realistic Sparring Weapons sparring day". Over 35 participants were present in the activity and many newcomers had the opportunity to spar with the experienced players. Besides the usual Freestyle fencing, we had held a small scale competition as well as a series of grand melee.


Lancelot's 3 sparring sessions during the event:




vs Asuna (21:0)




vs Yip (14:7)




vs Wraith (15:1)


Shown below were the other videos of the activities.








  • Jack and Jean-Luc's gathering

    On 24th April 2009, our Singapore RSW distributor Jack and our French pilot friend Jean-Luc gathered here to have a sparring session. Shown below were the video clips of the activity. We wish them a happy experience here!



















  • Swordnet Republic and Realistic Sparring Weapons joint function: The 3rd Swordnet Republic sparring competition

The 3rd Swordnet Republic sparring competition was finished successfully. Zachary had claimed the championship! Congratulations! Shown below are the videos of the event.















  • Swordnet Republic and Realistic Sparring Weapons joint function: Free trial and test run of the 3rd Swordnet Republic sparring competition


    On 23rd November 2008, in order to continue the exchange of techniques and to test run the rules of the sparring competition this year, Swordnet Republic and Realistic Sparring Weapons organized this free trial and test run of the 3rd Swordnet Republic sparring competition event. Shown below were the photos of the activity.




  • Unicorn, Swordnet Republic and Realistic Sparring Weapons joint function: Free trial and techniques sharing day


    On 1st October 2008, Unicorn organized a Realistic Sparring Weapons free trial and techniques sharing day on Swordnet Republic. There were around fifty participants. First, Kenny, the president of Swordnet Republic and Lancelot, one of the founders of Realistic Sparring Weapons, gave the opening speech respectively. Then Unicorn and several other veterans led the participants to do warm up together. Afterwards, they divided into four sectors, which three of them were dedicated to a particular weapon. The host of the sector shared the historical background, basic techniques and sparring skills related to the subject. The newcomers tested their sparring skills in the last group. The event lasted for four hours and everybody enjoyed it. We would like to express our gratitude to Unicorn and Kenny again!







    The floor plan of the event.


    The function consisted of four sectors.


    Unicorn shared his knowledge with katana at sector A.


    Unicorn was teaching sparring to the newcomers.


    The newcomers sparred, cutting the inner thigh.


    There were a couple girls in Unicorn's sector.


    Unicorn taught the girl parrying skill.


    "Old ghost" shared his research with Chinese two handed war sword.


    "Old ghost's notes of Wu Bi Jian Fa.


    Many were attracted by his sharing.


    Mkai was teaching his friends the skill of Chinese Jian.


    Jonny who practiced Iaido and Kendo, was sparring with newcomers at sector D.


    The girls sparring.


    The boyfriend was teaching his girlfriend how to deal with Zachary, a veteran.


    There were romantic sights other than the sparring scenes.


    Winnie had her abdominal cut in the sparring.


    The lovers were sparring each other.


    Other than swords sparring, they also did grappling.


    Swordnet Republic President Kenny Sugo


    Lancelot and Kenny Sugo were watching the sparring.


    Dagger sparring took place out of the sectors.


    Chatting in the resting area.


    Even a little kid wanted to spar.


    Wraith brought the guest Lamlam.


    The first aid kit.


  • Cooper Moo's visit

Cooper Moo from Seattle paid RSW a visit on 18th July 2007. We entertained him in our fashion of friendly sparring, discussion of German longsword techniques and test cutting. He is a friend of the famous swords maker Michael Tinker Pearce and the latter asked for videos to view. It was the first time Lancelot met someone in person who was also a friend of his favorite swords maker.


Cooper stated that sparring with RSW was an experience vastly different from his 2 years of boffer sparring. He said in the past, his group used to just hit each other without paying attention to blade alignment. Only until recently when they were invited by swords makers Angus Trim and Michael Tinker Pearce to test cutting events did they realize how different it was to cut with a real sword. The experience resulted in a significant change in their sparring style, which he said was like a start over again. He said that sparring here with RSW also provided more insights into swordsmanship, for back then they did not count the hits and just kept hitting each other. While being here, each valid hit count and the awareness of not being hit was a lot higher as if he was facing sharp weapons. The RSW, besides handling like the Tinker swords he had handled in person, also provided substantial bind and wind opportunity that changed the dynamic of the sparring.




Sparring video part 1



Sparring video part 2




The test cutting video

  • The first Arms Culture Association sparring competition


    On 9th July 2006, Arms Culture Association held the first sparring competition. There were more than thirty competitors and they were arranged to fight three times in their respective groups. The two fighters with the best result in the group would be allowed to participate in further bouts to become the final winner. The competition had its unique rules where the veterans would have less life points and the rookies would have more. The highest life point count was 7 and the lowest was 1. Hitting any part of the upper body would deduct the life point by 1. Hitting the lower limbs would turn the victim into a stationary target. The competitor lost after his life points were expired. During and after the competition, there were some demonstration fights. The whole event lasted for 4 hours and the winner was master Kie Brooks from Practical Tai Chi. Realistic Sparring Weapons provided the sparring equipment and video recording service to the competition. Since there were too many fights, we only show the quarter finalists' videos here.


    The video of the winner master Kie Brooks (5 life points), which includes the fights, the speech giving after winning the competition, receiving the prize, a steel Katana from Arms Culture Association and the demonstration fight.

    (71.1mb mpg)


    The video of Tom Biliter's fight in the competition and the demonstration. He is a proficient swordsman from USA. While only having 1 life point himself and not allowed to proceed to the quarter finalists fight, he still defeated most of his opponents regardless of their superior life points count!

    (20mb mpg)


    The video of the first runner up, Dark Knight (7 life points).

    (95.6mb mpg)


    The video of semi finalist Kuen (7 life points)

    (50.7mb mpg)


    The video of semi finalist Zachary (3 life points).

    (27.5mb mpg)


    The video of quarter finalist Ero_220 (7 life points).

    (30.7mb mpg)


    The video of quarter finalist Edward (7 life points).

    (30.8mb mpg)


    The video of quarter finalist Old Ghost(7 life points).

    (36.6mb mpg)


    The video of quarter finalist Chiefumpire (7 life points).

    (56.4mb mpg)


  • Tom Biliter's visit from USA

Tom has been working in China and spent his weekend in Hong Kong. He took the time to spar with us on 23rd October 2005. He has been practicing in SCA with sword and shield, sword and buckler and rapier. Since we did not have any shields and bucklers around by the time, he picked the rapier, which was probably the weapon he spent most time with. The result was devastating. None of us survived his accurate and skillful rapier work intact.



Rock and his Zulu War Spear had been our secret weapon since his emergence. He was quite undefeatable for most practitioners. However, facing the same kind of long, thrusting-oriented weapon, he had his first taste of being turned into bee-hive by Tom and his English rapier (pre-RSW, Sunday Butchers version).

(19mb mpg)



Lancelot and his Brescia Spadona RSW vs Tom and his English rapier. After the first fight, Lancelot realized that he did not give half-swording a try and asked for a rematch using half-swording.

(33.6mb mpg)



Kalun and his long Katana vs Tom and his English rapier. Kalun was not good against thrusting weapons and this fight was particularly difficult for him.

(15.1mb mpg)



Tom and his English rapier vs Maurya and his two handed Persian Shamshir. Maurya was not familiar with his new sword's additional weight over his previous Indian Tulwar and facing this tough opponent resulted in many defeats for Maurya.

(21.4mb mpg)


We appreciate Tom's lesson on the prowess of the often underestimated rapier!



On 13th November 2005, it was the last day Tom sparred with us for the year. This time he had a buckler and that allowed him to be able to defend himself in close quarter combat, making him a more dangerous opponent.


Yik and his custom Ninjato vs Tom and his rapier + buckler.

(24.1mb mpg)


Lancelot and his Brescia Spadona RSW vs Tom and his rapier + buckler.

(15.3mb mpg)


Simon and his European dagger vs Tom and his rapier + buckler.

(9.11mb mpg)


The rest of the players with their various weapons coming up to spar with Tom and his rapier + buckler.

(14.6mb mpg)

  • Leo's visit from Taiwan

Leo is Arthur's younger brother and was one of the practice partners Lancelot had sparred with at Taiwan University during his trip. He came by this time to pick up the products ordered by his brother. In order to make it for the plane trip at the evening, Lancelot and Leo sparred right after the lunch without enough warm up with the same European bastard sword. One side was using Chinese two handed sword style while the other was using the European style. After ten minutes of intensive sparring, both of them were exhausted. Their thighs were so sore that they could barely stand up. Click on the picture to download the video.


  • Arthur's visit from Taiwan

Arthur, a traditional Chinese martial artist from Taiwan, paid us a visit during his trip through Hong Kong on 16th July 2005. His choice of weapons were Chinese Jian and Chinese Spear. We headed to the hilltop for some sparring practice. Click on the pictures to download the videos.


Arthur with Carp Jian RSW vs Lancelot with Brescia Spadona RSW.


Arthur with Chinese Spear vs Lancelot with Brescia Spadona RSW.


Arthur with Brescia Spadona RSW vs Simon with Carp Jian RSW.


Arthur with Carp Jian RSW vs Simon with Chinese Spear.


Arthur with Brescia Spadona RSW vs Simon with Chinese Spear.

  • Free public test play on 30th April 2005

On 30th April 2005, ET of Shaolin Black Tiger style had joined force with us to organize a weaponry sparring that was free for the public. There were over 60 visitors and many of them got to handle European bastard sword, Japanese katana, Chinese Dao and Jian during the event. While some of the participants did not want to have their sparring videos disclosed, there were still plenty videos available to show. Every fight was around 2 to 3 minutes long and the file size was about 15mb. Click on the pictures below to download the videos.


Simon vs Lancelot


Cobra vs Yin


Sauchan vs Sauchan


Shadow vs Gunbuster


Kalun vs Howard


Ah Wai vs Ho


Sauchan vs Ho


Maurya vs Sauchan


ET vs Lancelot


Kenny vs Drifter


Alfred vs Edward


Shadow vs Yin


Cobra vs Edward


Parke vs Sum


Simon vs Drifter


Nobody here vs Drifter


Jimmy vs Ah Jun


Cobra vs Nobody here

  • The visit of Jay Noyes from Japan and Dominic from Australia

On 14th February 2005, Jay Noyes of Avalon group in Japan and Dominic from Australia paid us a visit. From the time of Sunday Butchers, Dominic had been here to practice with us more than once. However, it was Jay's first time to be here and he brought along his wife Mikiko. Jay had been anticipating for a visit to Hong Kong and it became a reality after waiting for a year. Originally the weather was bad in the week but it seemed we had luck on the day and it was a sunny day. We took a breakfast/lunch together and gathered many water bottles for test cutting. Since we wanted to emptied the bottles first, we proceed to sparring before conducting the test cutting.


(The bunny in Lancelot's hands was Mikiko's favorite here that she could not let go!)


The first fight was Jay vs Lancelot. Jay practices Liechtenauer style longsword and George Silver style single handed sword, which were both different from Lancelot's bastard style. It was also the first time Lancelot fought against an experienced German style swordsman fighting with historical accurate European medieval swordsmanship. As a result, Lancelot was slaughtered.


(31.6mb mpg)


The second fight was Kalun and his Bagua Jian vs Dominic's Chinese Jian. Dominic did not have many practices in Australia and he had not recovered his prowess in this fight.


(22.5mb mpg)


The third fight was Kalun vs Jay. Kalun wielded Bagua Jian and then Katana, while Jay wielded heavy bastard sword and then light bastard sword.


(41.4mb mpg)


Then it was Lancelot vs Dominic, who had fully recovered and bettered his oldself.


(24.5mb mpg)


Dominic fought Jay but Dominic's calf was over-stressed. Later in the afternoon he fought Jay again after recovery.


(22.6mb mpg)


After all the sparring on the rooftop was done, we proceeded to examine some real swords (including pudao and antique swords). Since Jay did not have many chances to handle swords other than Katana in Japan, this opportunity was especially attractive to him. We arranged a test cutting session to fulfill his thirst.


(7.85mb mpg)


Then we moved to another district for sparring so that our participants in that proximity could appreciate Jay and Dominic's prowess. Alfred fought Jay's Silver style first.


(16.2mb mpg)


Then it was Parke the German style practitioner vs Jay, trying to learn whatever he could in the unique chance.


(22.4mb mpg)


Kalun rematched Dominic.


(15.8mb mpg)


Since we decided to learn from Jay, we had a mini swordsmanship seminar hosted by the swordsman. Then we went to the mall to have some food.



In the night, Jay, Mikiko and Dominic paid Lancelot's apartment a visit to review the videos on the day and conducted a secret test cutting (because it was in the night and videos could not be taken, thus it was a secret!). We finished the event after midnight. Here we would like to thank Jay who had to leave so soon for enlightening us on the swordsmanship!


  • Visiting an exhibition of Chinese made swords

In the afternoon of 13th March 2005, we visited the sword exhibition held at Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Center. The sword booths were all set up by the workshops from mainland China, including the famous Zhen Wu Zhou of Lung Chuan and Million swords workshop. Besides, our friend Joe also brought along his over 400 years old Japanese antique sword to let Mr. Zhou to have a look. Following is the photo album of the event:


This is the venue.

The booths shown above were selling some lower quality products, including some that did not really worth looking at, such as the followings:


The sword on the plaque was a decorating piece, while the huge Dao was too thin on the tip portion that made it non-functional. It was very whippy.


The following photos were Million Swords workshop. The quality was much higher than the above ones, so were the prices.


The tale-telling signs of the Chinese Jian made by Million Swords workshop were: 1. the square grip; 2. the use of metal tunquo  3. the blades had strong profile tapering that made them looks more like European swords.



The grains on the pattern welded blade were very obvious.


Then there was the booth of Zhen Wu Zhou. The quality of the products is high, so were the prices.


Right: Mr. Zhen Wu Zhou


This is Parke. Mr. Zhou's swords featured tighter grains than the ones on Million Swords workshop's. The fittings were also classic.


Then we all moved on to examine Joe's antique sword.



Since we went to the exhibition on its last date, the booths were on big sales to get rid of the items they were selling, so that they did not have to ship them back. We bought some steel spearheads.



At the end, we took some group photos.



  • Return of John and Robyn


    On 28th November 2004, our last visitors John and Robyn passed by Hong Kong again and sparred with us once more. Some of the rare participants showed up as well, such as Parke and Ben. The followings are the video highlights of the day:


    (20.5mb mpg)


    The first sparring in the history of Shadow and his Katana vs Simon and his lightweight Chinese Jian.


    (15.5mb mpg)


    The powerful Robyn wielded German Bastard Sword that was borrowed from Ben single-handedly,  making a tough fight for Shadow who wielded a relatively short Katana.


    (12mb mpg)


    Robyn and German Bastard Sword vs Simon and lightweight Chinese Jian. The difference between their size is showing on their weapon as well. 


    (10.5mb mpg)


    Robyn wielded Bagua Jian vs Parke and his custom-made longsword. Parke has been practicing German swordsmanship recently and the characteristic of the style is the its all-offense concept.


    (8.87mb mpg)


    Robyn wielded Bagua Jian against Edward's Katana.


    (20.7mb mpg)


    Parke's German sword arts faced Simon's Chinese sword arts for the first time.


    (13.1mb mpg)


    Lancelot faced Parke's German style for the first time. The styles they employed were very different from each other.


    (12.4mb mpg)


    Just as Robyn did, John also wielded German Bastard Sword with single hand, facing Shadow and his Katana.


    (15.4mb mpg)


    John and German Bastard Sword vs Edward and Katana.


    (7.49mb mpg)


    Edward faced Parke's German style.


    (11.7mb mpg)


    Ben who had been absent for a long time, faced Robyn and the borrowed Bagua Jian with his own German Bastard Sword.


    (34.6mb mpg)


    And then he sparred John.


    After hours of sparring, Alfred led both the visitors to taste some local noodles.



  • A day with 4 visitors

    On 26th September 04, we had 4 visitors sparring with us. They were Sharon from Taiwan, Parke, John and Robyn from USA. At first Lancelot thought was Roman but Parke assured him that it was Robyn. Sharon practices Chinese martial arts, while Parke studied Iaido for 1 year. John and Robyn self-taught themselves swordsmanship for over a decade. The period was 14 years of study and 6 years of sparring. They preferred to wield European swords. It was the first time we had so many visitors at once so the first bout of the day was conducted by two visitors, John and Parke.


    (7.92mb mpg format)


    It was quite unexpected that John and Robyn were using bastard swords almost exclusively with one hand. Moreover, Robyn fought with moves that are very similar to, if not exactly the same, to those in Chinese sword arts and did so with a lot of success, which in itself is a rare feat. John moves involved a lot of circular twisting and binding. Since neither of them had fought against spear before, we gave them the opportunity. First, Robyn faced Gunbuster's spear.


    (11.2mb mpg format)


    Then our Indian Tulwar guy Maurya fought our Taiwanese visitor Sharon, who wielded a Katana as if it was a Miao Dao.


    (13.4mb mpg format)


    Alfred the European medieval swordsmanship practitioner fought John next.


    (21.7mb mpg format)


    Lancelot took up the sword and fought Robyn to experience their self-taught style.


    (10.9 mb mpg format)


    Lancelot found that Robyn's style a refreshing experience. Robyn often kept his sword hand hidden, eliminating an easy target and making it difficult to predict the direction of his next cut.


    Sharon took up the next fight against Ho.


    (7.21mb mpg format)


    Shadow was late to arrive and we forced him to fight against Gunbuster wielding a spear.


    (11.2mb mpg format)


    Gunbuster did not have enough fun killing one sword wielder and we asked Parke the Iaidoka to fight the spear with a Katana.


    (11.7mb mpg format)


    As the host, Lancelot invited John to spar.


    (17.2mb mpg format)


    After witnessing so many swordsman felled by the spear, Lancelot tried his half-swording techniques against the spear's superior reach. It was Drifter's turn to use the spear.


    (8.61mb mpg format)


    Maurya never fought Shadow before and we gave them the opportunity.


    (27.1mb mpg format)


    Taiwanese vs American bout, Sharon vs John.


    (13mb mpg format)


    Ho tried his skill on Robyn.


    (8.35mb mpg format)


    Lancelot fought Alfred. They used the same techniques but Lancelot used a shorter, lighter sword. They fought more than twenty rounds.


    (22.7mb mpg format)


    Lancelot and Sharon had sparred many times in Taiwan but none of them was recorded. This time it was. The first five rounds were warm up and the next five rounds were for real. Sharon gave a European bastard sword a try.


    (7.9mb mpg format)


    Alfred took up the spear to fight Robyn. Robyn did a couple of beautiful counters with Chinese sword moves.


    (15.6mb mpg format)


    Parke wanted to fight against a Katana user to see how well his Iaido techniques would work, so Shadow fought him. Shadow hit him 5 times powerfully in the same place on the arm that led to a big area of blue and purple bruise later on, which Parke's wife was not very happy about.


    (6.28mb mpg format)


    Edward fought John. John took advantage of Edward's tendency to expose the sword-wielding arm and hit him there many times.


    (13.3mb mpg format)


    Shadow had expressed that it was his long fare dream to soar against a woman so here came his chance to spar with Sharon.


    (8.82mb mpg format)


    Since most particpants could not deal with spear effectively, they started an idea to gang up on a polearms user, Drifter. 2 vs 1.


    (10.8mb mpg format)


    The group fighting had started the interest in team play and two teams were formed.


    (16.7mb mpg format)


    It was so fun that the visitors teamed up for 2 more teams and gave it a try too.


    (9.02mb mpg format)


    Another match with Katana fighting Katana.


    (13.9mb mpg format)


    To give a newcomer more of a chance, Lancelot experimented with techniques he has not practiced.


    (6.54mb mpg format)


    Parke tried his hand at using a European sword and fought his neighborhood Alfred.


    (15.1mb mpg format)


    Finally, John and Robyn fought each other using our swords. They said that Realistic Sparring Weapons are the best sparring swords they have used so far. The video card filled up before they finished, though.


    (12.1mb mpg format)


    Shown below are some other photos of the event, including a fight between two insects! The wasp had caught the dragonfly in mid-air.



  • Jason Dudek's visit

On 18th August, the friend Anthony Boyd introduced to me before, Jason Dudek, the Haidong Gumdo sparring competition champion of Seoul with black belt 2nd degree arrived from Korea. We arranged the meeting on 20th. Since it was a Friday morning, many friends could not attend due to job. Fortunately, Jason had brought along his friend Alexander Winfield so that we could have more people to participate. Jason admired the realism, safety and durability of Realistic Sparring Weapons, especially after comparing them to the real swords later. To save space, only Jason's sparring videos will be shown below.


(32.5mb mpeg)

Jason vs Lancelot

1. Lancelot cut forearm.

2. Lancelot cut forearm.

3. Jason cut low shin.

4. Lancelot cut forearm.

5. Lancelot cut elbow.

6. Lancelot cut arm (the 2 hits before were on the mask only and werenít deep enough to reach the face).

7. Lancelot cut forearm.

8. Lancelot cut elbow and slightly. Jason cut arm.

9. Lancelot cut neck after a hanging parry on overhead cut.

10. Lancelot cut knee.

11. Jason cut belly.

12. Jason cut side.

13. Jason cut fingers.

14. Jason cut face.

15. Jason cut elbow.

16. Lancelot cut shoulder.

17. Lancelot cut knee.

18. Lancelot cut wrist.

19. Jason cut head.

20. Lancelot cut fingers.

21. Lancelot cut forearm.

22. Lancelot cut forearm.

23. Lancelot cut elbow.

24. Jason cut elbow, belly and head in combo!

25. Jason cut fingers.

26. Lancelot thrust wrist.

27. Lancelot cut ribs.

28. Lancelot cut hand.

29. Lancelot cut hand.

30. Lancelot cut ribs.

31. Jason cut head.

32. Lancelot cut elbows.

33. Lancelot cut forearm.

34. Lancelot cut forearm.

35. Lancelot cut elbow.

36. Lancelot cut hand.

37. Lancelot cut elbow.

38. Lancelot cut foot. (Jason parried but the tip did not have enough force to repel)

39. Jason cut foot.

40. Jason cut head.

41. Jason cut shoulder.

42. Lancelot cut ribs. Jason cut face.

43. Lancelot cut knee.

44. Lancelot cut elbow.

45. Lancelot cut head.

46. Lancelot cut hand.

47. Jason cut belly.

48. Jason hit the ground with sword, weapon broken.

49. Lancelot cut inner elbow.


Maybe Jason was used to the Haidong Gumdo competition rules, thus not having the habit of signaling the opponent actively after being hit. He also did not tend to void the hits on fingers, elbows and other less obvious but effective targets. These areas are hard for the judge to see during competition. Moreover, he also find the 2 edges bastard swords manage to perform some maneuvers he had rarely seen. However, he started to adapt and with his keen timing and distance sense, he showed some impressive attack later on. 


(19.9mb mpeg)

Jason vs Gunbuster

1. Gunbuster cut chest. Jason cut back.

2. Jason cut back of knee.

3. Gunbuster thrust belly.

4. Jason cut shoulder.

5. Gunbuster cut belly. Jason cut head.

6. Gunbuster cut forearm. Jason cut head.

7. Jason cut back of the leg.

8. Jason cut back.

9. Jason cut head.

10. Jason hit the ground with sword.

11. Gunbuster cut side.

12. Jason cut neck.

Jason wielded bastard sword since then.

13. Jason cut back of the leg.

14. Jason cut head.

15. Jason cut belly.

16. Jason cut shin.

17. Jason thrust belly. Gunbuster cut forearm.

18. Jason hit the ground with sword.

19. Gunbuster cut head. Jason cut leg.

20. Jason thrust mouth.

21. Gunbuster cut side. Jason cut leg.

22. Gunbuster thrust belly. Jason cut head


Even facing the long sword, a longer weapon than his own, Jason managed to fight very well, showing the prowess of championship.


(27.7mb mpeg)

Jason vs Alfred

1. Alfred cut hand and arm with combo.

2. Alfred cut elbow and belly with combo

3. Jason cut wrist.

4. Jason cut wrist.

5. Alfred cut forearm.

6. Jason cut hand. Alfred cut head.

7. Alfred cut wrists. Jason cut arms.

8. Alfred cut forearm.

9. Jason cut head. Alfred cut stomach.

10. Alfred cut belly. Jason cut shoulder.

11. Jason cut head.

12. Alfred cut back of knee (the back leg).

13. Jason cut head.

14. Alfred cut back of knee and then knee.

15. Jason cut head.

16. Jason cut chest.

17. Alfred hit leg with wrong blade alignment. Jason cut head.

18. Jason cut head. Alfred cut thigh.

19. Alfred cut side through Jasonís parry.

20. Jason cut head.

21. Alfred cut body. Jason cut head.

22. Jason cut hand.

23. Alfred cut groin.

24. Jason cut head.

25. Jason cut head.

Jason wielded bastard sword since then.

26. Alfred cut knee.

27. Jason cut head.

28. Jason cut head.

29. Jason cut head.

30. Alfred cut elbow.

31. Alfred cut back of knee.

32. Jason cut head.

33. Alfred cut body, Jason cut head.

34. Jason cut knee.

35. Alfred cut foot through Jasonís parry.


(14.4mb mpeg)

Jason vs Drifter

1. Jason cut foot.

2. Jason cut forearm.

3. Drifter cut forearm.

4. Jason cut shoulder.

5. Jason cut hand.

6. Jason cut forearm.

7. Jason cut arm.

8. Drifter cut knee.

9. Jason cut arm.

10. Jason cut neck.

11. Jason cut back of leg.

12. Drifter thrust face.

13. Drifter cut foot through Jasonís parry.

14. Jason cut head.

15. Jason cut head.

16. Drifter cut foot through Jasonís parry. Jason cut arms.

17. Jason cut head.

18. Jason cut head.


Jason mentioned that sparring with wooden swords had led to broken fingers on Alex's hands and the handling characteristic could not simulate a real sword as close as Realistic Sparring Weapons did. It could not be used in full contact full body targeting sparring without more protective gears than we had worn either. Then we headed to have lunch together and went to Lancelot's apartment to examine some real swords, watch sparring and test cutting videos. Jonny arranged a tour for both of them in the afternoon and a visit to swordsmen Kendo Club at the evening.

At the night of 14th July, Lancelot received an email from Anthony Boyd, a Haidong Gumdo practitioner in Korea for 7 years (currently an instructor) that he was going to visit Hong Kong on the next day and would like to join our sparring before he left on 18th. It was an exciting news because Haidong Gumdo was the battlefield swordsmanship of Korea. They practice full contact sparring with shinai and padded armor, almost full body targeting and real sword test cutting. The mentality and integration of techniques between test cutting and sparring match us very closely. Since Lancelot had viewed their videos 2 years ago, which showed the spinning cut, the kick and punch thrown during combat, he had been looking forward to spar with the practitioner of this style for long. Just that he did not expect the chance to come by in such a sudden way.


A sparring session was arranged on 17-7-04, after the outdoor test cutting activity. However, a typhoon arrived in the wrong time and the weather was very bad. The rain was heavy and lightning storm appeared. So no test cutting because we did not want to become lightning rods (or receiving the quakening in Highlander's style). Still, we went to sparring.


Upon picking up the Katana we lent to him, Anthony found that the handling was very realistic because he was familiar with real swords. It was a new experience to him to spar with something that handles exactly like the sword he used in test cutting. Before the rain got any heavier, Lancelot sparred with him with the trusty bastard sword.


(17.3mb real player format)

Anthony vs Lancelot

1 Lancelot cut shin.

2 Lancelot cut knee.

3 Lancelot cut forearm.

4 Anthony cut forearm.

5 Lancelot cut shin.

6 Lancelot cut forearm.

7 Lancelot cut wrist.

8 Lancelot cut arm.

9 Lancelot cut leg, Anthony cut back.

10 Lancelot cut fingers.

11 Lancelot cut hand.

12 Anthony spinning cut body!

13 Lancelot cut forearm.

14 Anthony cut knee.

15 Lancelot cut hand.

16 Lancelot cut rib.

17 Lancelot cut thigh.

18 Lancelot cut knee.

19 Lancelot thrust body.

20 Lancelot cut hand.

21 Lancelot cut forearm.

22 Lancelot cut elbow.

23 Lancelot cut wrist.

24 Lancelot cut forearm. Anthony cut head.

25 Lancelot cut elbow.

26 Lancelot cut thigh. Anthony cut back.

27 Lancelot cut forearm.

28 Anthony hit with flat of Katana.


Anthony found out that his mind was always a bit ahead of his body in the sparring. Besides, it was hard to get rid of the habit of "pulling the shots" before contact, which was caused by the safety issue of shinai, and strike as if he was doing test cutting, putting real sword's momentum into sparring. So we motivated him to treat his upcoming opponents like a straw mat target. *evil grin* Edward was the next one to spar with him.


(8.75mb real player format)

Edward vs Anthony

1 Edward cut thigh.

2 Anthony thrust side.

3 Edward cut hand.

4 Edward cut arm.

5 Edward cut belly.

6 Anthony cut forearm.

7 Edward cut forearm.

8 Anthony cut hand.

9 Edward cut rib.

10 Edward cut neck.

11 Anthony cut forearm.

12 Anthony thrust body.


Anthony was getting more and more used to the "test cutting on live target" attitude and it showed in his sparring. The next one who sparred him was Shadow.


(14.8mb real player format)

Shadow vs Anthony

1 Shadow cut thigh.

2 Anthony cut head.

3 Anthony cut hilt and hand. Shadow cut shoulder.

4 Shadow cut head.

5 Anthony cut chest.

6 Anthony cut wrist. Shadow cut neck.

7 Anthony cut body. Shadow cut neck

8 Shadow cut shin.

9 Shadow cut leg.

10 Anthony cut back. Shadow cut neck.

11 Anthony cut wrist.

12 Shadow wrong blade alignment.

13 Shadow cut leg.

14 Anthony cut arms and head.

15 Anthony hit the ground.

16 Anthony cut neck.


The rain got so bad that we had to moved to another position. The final opponent Anthony sparred was Drifter. Anthony even managed to executed his killer move(1.04mb mpeg highlight) on him on the last bout!


(13.9mb real player format)

Anthony vs Drifter

1 Anthony hit the ground.

2 Anthony cut hand.

3 Drifter cut chest. Anthony cut shoulder.

4 Drifter cut body.

5 Anthony cut leg.

6 Anthony cut hand.

7 Drifter cut body.

8 Drifter thrust chest. Anthony cut neck.

9 Drifter cut body.

10 Drifter cut knee.

11 Drifter cut body.

12 Drifter cut knee.

13 Drifter cut forearm.

14 Drifter cut chest.

15 Drifter cut elbow, but very slight. Anthony cut neck.

16 KILLER MOVE! Anthony kick hand. Drifter cut forearm but not powerful enough to intercept. Anthony chop down at neck, then draw cut neck.


Anthony expressed after the event that it had been quite a while since he had sparred so freely. With Realistic Sparring Weapons, the opportunities that were shutting down in Korea progressively due to safety issues were available to him once again. He could cut and thrust like using real swords on various test cutting targets. He could kick and do whatever he wanted with us. He would only hope that he could convince his friends in Haidong Realistic Sparring Weapons a try. It seemed that we had made his vacation worthy.




  • Cable TV interview

On 6-6-2004, Cable TV news reporter Winnie C.Y. Mok interviewed Realistic Sparring Weapons crews and customer James Derrick.


First, Lancelot and Simon gave a sparring demonstration with Katana and dao.


(9.48mb real player format)


And then James started to wear his riveted chainmail for show.


(2.08mb real player format)


Here is a close up shot of the mail.



After taking up the armor, James and Ben performed sparring demo with sword and buckler and German bastard sword.


(4.96mb real player format)


And then Lancelot and Max performed sparring demo with bastard sword and Katana.


(13.9mb real player format)


Later on, Lancelot gave an interview while the others were sparring in the background.


(13.5mb real player format)


Since it started to rain, we packed up quickly and moved to the office to continue the interview. Winnie interviewed James.


(6.95mb real player format)


Then Lancelot briefly introduced how we made the sparring swords after the real ones.


(10.6mb real player format)


Finally, Winnie interviewed the founders.


(16.4mb real player format)


On Monday, Winnie phoned in and request for some more interviews with our participants. So we invited Drifter, Alfred and Howard to come over on the next day. Alfred was the first to be interviewed.


(3.66mb real player format)


And then it was Drifter's turn.


(4.79mb real player format)


Afterwards, we went to the office for Winnie to make the last scene. That ended our interview activity.


(12.5mb real player format)


The interview will be aired at 7:00pm 11 June 2004 (Hong Kong) on News Channel 1 of Cable TV.

  • Sparring at Buddha's birthday


On 26-5-04, a public holiday termed as Buddha's birthday in Hong Kong, the local customers of Realistic Sparring Weapons gathered up for a sparring event. 20 matches with different weapon combinations were fought and here are the highlight of the actions.



Drifter with a spear vs James with sword and buckler.

(7.91mb real player format)



Cobra with Jian vs James with sword and buckler.

(5.62mb real player format)



Cobra with Jian vs Jimmy with Bagua Jian.

(10.4mb real player format)



Cobra with Jian vs Drifter with nunchaku.

(7.08mb real player format)



Jimmy with spear vs Lancelot with bastard sword.

(6.56mb real player format)


And there are many more videos available for private review...

  • Be the nice host 2

Jonny5 is a founder of Shanghai Kendo association, one of the two Kendo clubs in Shanghai. He came to Hong Kong to join the Kendo examination and competition. On 21st, after his examination, Lancelot picked him up from Hong Kong Park and then headed back to our home to pick up the gear. Without serving a lunch, we went directly to the park to duke it out!



Jonny5 did not want to be the first to join the battle, so Lancelot with his trusty bastard sword and Nobody-here, wielding a customized Katana that was light, kinda straight and without tsuba, fought the first 10 bouts.


(5.82mb real player format)


Afterwards, Max and Drifter grouped up against Gunbuster using spear.

(11.5mb real player format)


Then it was Wind with bastard sword vs Howard with long sword and dagger.

 (10.8mb real player format)


Jonny5 the kendoka took up the courage and fought Shadow the chanbara player eventually! Jonny5 found that the helmet of kendo was too restrictive in the viewing area and he could see nothing but the frontal attacks.

(14.1mb real player format)


Lancelot fought Jonathan, whose sword was of Sunday Butchers Era. Jonathan managed to intercept Lancelot's strikes for a couple times with very deep and powerful cuts.

(12.6mb real player format)


Drifter and his Bagua Jian then fought Gunbuster and his polearms. It was the first time Drifter faced polearms alone.

(7.96mb real player format)


Jonny5 went on the field again, this time against Howard's 2 weapons. He chose to wear our helmets with broader view. However, Howard soon abandoned his dagger and concentrated on his longsword work.

(15.7mb real player format)


Nobody-here fought Shadow, 10 bouts with light, kinda straight and tsuba-less Katana vs the standard Katana.

(7.25mb real player format)


Max with his proto-Dao fought Wind's bastard sword.

(19.3mb real player format)


Jonny5 fought Simon and his custom-made Chinese Jian. Simon performed a number of jumping attacks that succeeded in the fight and showed how to use "Dian" technique effectively in sparring.

(11.5mb real player format)


Simon then tested his skill with Jian against Jonathan's polearms. Again, polearms dominated!

(7mb real player format)


Jonathan and Shadow fought polearms vs sword fight, exchanging weapons after 5 rounds.

(5.84mb real player format)


Drifter challenges Gunbuster's polearms again, this time added with a Nunchaku to his Bagua Jian.

(7.29mb real player format)


Drifter, who was trying to figure out how to defeat polearms, then went on to fight Nobody-here, who was using polearms this time.

(4.90mb real player format)


The founders' fight! Max with Dao and dagger really regretted to have joined the battle against Simon's polearms, who was fighting fiercely and completely dominated the bouts.

(15.7mb real player format)


Jonny5, after getting used to Realistic Sparring Weapons Combat, finally fought Lancelot to end his day here.

(11.6mb real player format)


At last, Drifter asked to fight Simon's fierce polearms play.

(9.34mb real player format)


After the fights, we had a discussion about how the powering method of kendo differs from real sword cutting and Realistic Sparring Weapons Combat. In kendo, when one strikes, he/she would use the body weight to tap the shinai on the opponent and then direct all the forces forward by a push. On the other hand, in real sword cutting and Realistic Sparring Weapons Combat, the destination of the force is not located at the point of contact or behind the opponent, but somewhere on the pathway through the opponent.

  • Be the nice host

Noah Arney is a rapier practitioner of SCA (the world's biggest organization to reenact medieval activities). He has been practicing sparring with steel blade for 2 years and he can wield a single rapier and a rapier + dagger combination. Thus he can handle both the long and close range. We could foresee a tough battle ahead.


We grouped up on 10:00am and then headed to Causeway Bay MTR station to meet up with Noah. Then we returned to Yau Ma Tei to have a simple lunch. Here's a photo we've taken.



After the lunch, we visited a nearby sword shop before going to my home to pick up the gear. Then we went to the park to start our fight.

We did a series of warm up and the first pair to do battle was Lancelot with European bastard sword and Noel with a 54 inches long Rapier (something from the Sunday Butchers era) as well as a dagger. It was the first time Noah faced the non-rapier weaponry.

9.55mb real player format

Then Max wielded the Chinese Dao to fight Gunbuster with the Katana.

13.3mb real player format

Then Drifter with his Bagua Jian and Nunchaku fought Howard with the longsword and dagger.

10.4mb real player format

Then Max with the Chinese Dao fought Noah. In this fight Max employed disarming techniques.

15.5mb real player format

After that, Lancelot with the bastard sword fought Drifter with Nunchaku and Bagua Jian. Drifter threw Nunchaku at the opponent several times but could not hit hard with it enough to stop the opponent's attacks.

15.4mb real player format

Noah fought Shadow with Katana. In this battle there were many thrusts to the throat but resulted in no injury. This impressed Noah, who used to practice with steel blunt, with the safety of Realistic Sparring Weapons.

7.86mb real player format

Then Lancelot fought Howard who wielded two weapons. Howard tried to bind Lancelot's bastard sword with the dagger and then attack with his longsword but it didn't work very well. However, in one particular round out of the ten, Howard delivered a perfect attack with both weapon that he carried the opponent's sword away with the long sword and stabbed hard at the opponent's chest with the dagger!

13.6mb real player format

After taking a brief rest, Noah fought Gunbuster who wielded a Katana and a dagger. Gunbuster used to be a spear fighter and was not used to facing weapons longer than his own, such as the rapier.

10.7mb real player format

Max with Chinese Dao fought Drifter with Bagua Jian and Nunchaku. The Nunchaku scored a few solid hits in this battle.

13.3mb real player format

Noah braved the field again and faced Howard with 2 weapons. In this battle, besides the usual face and throat thrusts, there was a groin thrust as well. Howard, who was hit, was not injured at all. It showed the high safety of Realistic Sparring Weapons.

11.2mb real player format

Shadow hasn't met Patrick for a long while and once they saw each other, they sparred with Katana.

17mb real player format

Noah fought Renoir who practices Choi Li Fat and Bagua, showing a fight with Rapier vs Bagua Jian. Renoir used to practice sword-binding and it was his first time to fight in all-open battle. How would he perform?

13.7mb real player format

The fight between the founders, Lancelot vs Max, ranging from bastard sword vs Chinese Dao to dagger vs Chinese Dao.

14.2mb real player format

Maybe influenced by Lancelot's fight with the dagger, Noah fought Patrick and his Katana with a dagger only also. However, Patrick soon switched to dagger too.

9.8mb real player format

Eventually, Patrick got to taste the fight with Katana vs Noah's rapier + dagger.

11.8mb real player format

Shadow vs Howard. Howard found out that his dagger is useless in the defense against Shadow's hard hitting attack.

10.5mb real player format

Then Shadow was pulled into the battle by Lancelot.

12.1mb real player format

At last, Renoir fought Noah in dagger combat for over 40 rounds! Noah was a trooper because he sparred over 100 rounds within a day!

31.1mb real player format

After the sparring session, we went to the supermarket to revitalize ourselves and then headed to a nearby sword shops. Later we escorted Noah back to the public transport station and called it a day!

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